God is Not an Interim God

I wrote this my senior year in high school 1984. It is written in my own hand on stationary. These were the days before personal computers and word processors. I am not even going to correct some of my grammar as there are few errors.

My church, Broadway Baptist Church in Fort Worth, had a youth week every year where the youth would learn about all of the jobs done in a church from Sunday School teacher, deacon, Music Minister and even the Pastor. During our days in high school, our church went through times when we would have interim ministers; youth, education, music and pastor.

As a senior, I was the interim pastor along with two of my fellow seniors, John Lively and Layne LeBaron. I think my sister, Elisabeth, was the Children’s Minister that year. (She too was pastor her senior year.)

The following is the “meditation” I wrote for the Sunday morning service, April 8, 1984:

In all times and in all ways, God has revealed Himself to man as an eternal God. In Exodus 3:14, GOd spoke to Moses in a burning bush saying

I Am who I Am; thus you shall say to the sons of Isreal, I Am has sent me to you.

In Mark 14:60-62, Our Lord Jesus is on trial before the Sanhedrin. It reads

And the high priest arose and came forward and questioned Jesus saying, ‘Do you make no answer to what these men are testifying against you?’ But He kept silent and made no answer. Again the high priest was questioning him and saying to him, ‘Are you the Christ, the Son of the Blessed One? And Jesus said, ‘I Am and you shall see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of power and coming with the clouds of heaven.

God reveals himself in Revelations 1:8 through the triumphant Christ. He proclaims

I Am, the Alpha and the Omega, who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.

In each of these passages, God is showing that He is always the same and is always here.

To us, this time is an interim time; stuck between the now and the not yet but God sees it as the next step in His neverending plan. We see the timelessness of God spoken to Moses, spoken to the world by Jesus Christ and spoken to John by the glorified Christ. Where we find ourselves between the coming of the Holy Spirit and the triumphal return of our Lord so we find ourselves in an interim. We find Broadway in an interim but through the Holy Spirit we hear God say to us, “I AM!” He is saying the same thing to us He has said throughout the ages. I AM—WITH YOU—ALWAYS.

He sees those of us here as part of that unending line of faithful believers, all witnesses of HIS faithfulness reaching back to the beginning of time and forward to the time of His return.

In Hebrews 12:1-2 we are described as running a race with Christ as the starter and the finisher.

Therefore, since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us also lay aside every encumbrance and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

Broadway has been a part of that cloud of witnesses. I started out on the cradle roll and I can’t remember a time when Broadway was not ministering to me. Broadway gave me my first Bible before I could even hold it let alone know how important it would be in my growing up.

My cloud of witnesses ranged from ministers, Sunday School teachers, Training Union leaders, Mission Friends, GA and Acteen leaders and everyone else who through their Chrsitian lifestyle has shown a young girl how to grow to become a woman of God. I thank each one of you for that. I love this church, each one of you. My prayer is that Broadway would continue to be that kind of witness.
[Adult Amy says: IT STILL IS!!!]

As we the youth stand between childhood and adult hood, it looks like a long road out into the future. How can God and I ever make it? [Praise God, we have.] But then, we reflect back on our childhood and realize that in that same number of years, God has made it fly by.

As a church, it also seems like we are caught in the middle but God is looking at the whole picture and seems to say, “Look at what I can do but take it just one day at a time. ” God is with us on a day to day basis and we can live our lives through Him in that same manner.

Our God is not an interim God. He is with us now in our daily walk. He was with the church in the past and He will be with us forever. Colossians 2:6-7 tells us that we much be about our Father’s business.

Therefore as you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him, having been firmly rooted and now being built up in Him and established in your faith, just as you were instructed, and overflowing with gratitude.

[I then gave an invitation to join the chruch which I will leave out.]

My 18 yr old self was right. As I stand here 26 years later, it is great to be reminded that God is not an interim God. He is the same today, yesterday and tomorrow. 26 years from now when I am 70 years old. I pray that I will continue to hold on to the one who has brought me this far and the one who will one day lead me home.


Hopalong Starts Kindergarten

Hopalong Starts KindergartenWhen I first started blogging, this little guy was only an infant. I had spent months praying about where our twins would go to school and we were lead to homeschool.

Today, 4 years latter, my little guy started Kindergarten. We had a great day. He worked on pre-handwriting skills, pre-math, listened in on The Princess and the Goblin and colored a Texas flag for history.

I am excited to begin this wonderful journey through school with this cutie and am blessed to be able to continue to homeschool.
Sundance in Kindergarten 2005
Butch in Kindergaten 2005
Here is a picture of the boys now..my times have changed.
First Day of School 2009


Chilling at the baseball game with Butch and Hopalong.Has it really been since January since I wrote a blog post? I have got to get back to writing. My sister has encouraged me to get back to writing and I finally have something I want to write about. I guess my brain was full of fog, not real fog but sugar fog. I have discovered that when I eat refined or processed sugar, I do not think straight and I lose my temper quicker, over react to small things and am just irritable.

It has taken a while to get to figureing out how to live sugar free. I eat fruit, a little bit of honey and limit myself to 4 packets of Splenda a day. I’ve learned to take my tea without sweetner but I have to have sweet hot cereal in the morning.

We are still homeschooling and I find I am a better teacher and parent when I am not eating sugar. My little guy will be in Kindergarten this year and I am looking forward to teaching another fella to read.

I am going to try to slow things down this fall and not let other peoples ideas of what we should be doing determine how we live our lives. Our homeschool group, which we have loved, is becoming more and more like school and less like a coop. Each year, there are more rules and more “regulations” and the cost of classes seem a bit steep and that is with my teaching each hour classes are offered. I am going to give it one more semester and see how things go.

The BallparkThere will be much excitement in the minivan this fall but for now, even if the public school kids are headed off to the big house, we are going to prolong school just a bit more and wait until September 1st to start school. So there is still time for some more swimming, more movies and more relaxation and more Ranger’s baseball.

How to undecorate a tree

I am slow at getting Christmas decorations up and slow at getting them taken down. For some reason, there is just so much going on that I just run out of time and energy when the day comes to a close. I was so excited when the tree was actually up and decorated the first weekend in December.

Each time I went into the living room I would find 10-12 ornaments scattered around the floor. I would put them back on the tree and go my merry way. The next day, again 15 ornaments on the floor. I again put them back on the tree.

I needed to figure out why the ornaments kept falling off the tree. I set up a sting operation thinking I would find the dog pulling the ornaments off the tree. Much to my surprise, I did not find out it was the dog but this little guy.
The Tree Undecorator

Before I jumped to conclusionsand yelled at him, I asked him “WHY” in a loud voice. He sweetly replied in his sweet 4 yr old way. Well, Mom, Batman and Robin were chasing the Death Star and Milenium Falcon around the tree and every time they ran into an ornament, it shocked them and it fell off the tree.

Batman, Robin, the Death Star and the Millenium Falcon are all ornaments on the tree. He had been playing with the tree ornaments and had a great game going. We just added a new componenet to the game, put the ornaments back on the tree when you are done.

An Empty Love Bucket

bucket3My mother coined the term “Love Bucket” when I was a girl. I don’t know if it was original to her but I have never heard it talked of outside of our home. A Love Bucket is that place inside of you that gives you the ability to love others. When someone else needs some love, you have your reserve from your bucket. Love buckets also have to be filled. A cuddle in mother’s lap, a hug from a brother, a kind work, a compliment, reading the Bible are all great ways to fill a love bucket.

Hop a Long (#3) loves to tell me his love bucket is empty when it is time for him to go to bed and he uses it as an excuse to stay up later. And I let him. What mother can resist that sweet little one curled up in my lap, letting me kiss and pet him. He won’t want that much loving that much longer as he will be 5 in a few months but I am going to take advantage of it even if it means staying up a 20 minutes later.

Butch (Twin A) just climbs in my lap at any time he finds me sitting down. He loves to sit there and watch TV, watch what I am doing on the computer or just put his head on my shoulder. He sometimes talks about his love bucket being empty but he has learned to just come on over and fill it up.

Sundance (Twin B) must have a slow release love bucket. He has a large heart and will share his care and compassion with everyone but he only comes for some cuddling about once a day and stays for 5 minutes. He loves to cuddle and he is getting big for my lap but I just let him sit whenever he wants.

Honey loves to have his head rubbed and this goes a long way in filling his love bucket.I think his mother must have put him to sleep that way because I can stay up reading as long as I want if I rub his head.

My love bucket is enormous. It gives me the ability to love many people and to have many friends. It allows me to take on other children and help them feel special. The draw back is that an enormous love bucket must be refilled on occasion. My mother was so good at just letting me lay my head on her and she would rub my hair. My boys do fill my love bucket but there is that give and take with them.

I am learning how to let the Lord fill me up so that I can share His love with others. It seems funny to say I have been laying on the Lord’s lap but that is sorta what it takes. I have to stop what I am doing and just spend some time with Him without trying to do anything else. THis is hard for a busy mom but without my love bucket being refilled, I am useless to fill someone elses.