Athena in a Minivan—REDUX

Butch, Hopalong and Sundance
Butch, Hopalong and Sundance

That was then. In the days before Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and whatelse, I blogged. I enjoyed it. I wrote. I thought. I used my words. I miss it. I need a place to write again and I spent some time searching blogger and wordpress and searching for blog sites and I kept coming back home here. There are great memories here of little people, fun times, funny thoughts, insight and love.

I now have big people. I no longer have a minivan. I have an SUV. We still homeschool, we still love each other. I still have lots of thoughts that need to be put down for older me to see and remember how much I love life.

A lot of life happened in the time when I didn’t blog. We’ll just call that the dark times and maybe I”ll write about that at a later date and maybe not. I”m ready for the dark times to be behind and and Althenainaminvan to be reborn. This is us now…upward and onward.

State Games of America Selfie Summer 2015
State Games of America Selfie Summer 2015

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