Athena In a Minivan Reborn

It seems I forgot I knew how to write. But there are just too many things I need to get our of my head and onto paper. IF someone happens to read it great, if not then it is finally out of my head. Oh, and I know this is not “paper” but you get the gist of it.

Writing for me is cathartic. It makes me put down what I am thinking and let it roll around somewhere else. It gets too crowded in my brain with too many thoughts. There are too many ideas and too much information to sort and go through and it starts to look and feel like that file cabinet you stuff all the bills and papers in thinking one day you will get back to filing them but you know you never do. They stay there till one day you can no longer shut the drawer and you just take them out and shred them all and start over.

This is my chance to shred them all. I am starting afresh. All my old posts will be here still but now it is time for some new ones. Butch and Sundance are now 11 and in middle school. Baby has not been a baby for years and I’ll call him #3 because that is where he falls in the order of things. If I can come up with a new name for him I will and I am open to suggestions.

I still drive a minivan. I still homeschool. Not much has changed. I have more grey hairs, less time and more place to drive the minivan. I hope someone is reading this but if not, my thought sill still be here.


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