Just a simple night

Honey had one request for Christmas. He wanted a 12 inch Dutch Oven and Santa was happy to oblige. This September, our family began a journey through Scouts. Butch and Sundance became Webelo Scouts and Honey and I signed up to become adult leaders or Scouters as they are known. We have a wonderful Troop leader and Pack.

A month after we joined we went on our first Webelo overnight and discovered Dutch Oven cooking. Honey was instantly interested. He asked so many questions, watched all the demonstrations and of course sampled all the food.

Last weekend, Honey got to attend a Dutch Oven class and could not wait to try out his new oven but last weekend we also had 20 degree weather so it had to wait. Tonight, with the weather in the 50s, he finally got his chance. Honey cooked sweet rolls in the Dutch Oven and they were wonderful except for the burned bottoms but who needs a bottom to a sweet roll when the icing is on the top.

Since we were already outside, Honey fired up the chimnea and the grill and I cooked breakfast for dinner al fresco, bacon and scrambled eggs on the grill. Well, not actually on the grill but in my cast iron skillet on the grill. We heated some tortillas and made breakfast burritos while warming ourselves by the fire. Food cooked and eaten outside just tastes better, almost as good as food I didn’t have to fix myself.

It was just a simple night but one that I will treasure for a long time. It is so wonderful to just be together, outside, with no TV, no phone, no video games to interrupt the family time. As the budget gets tighter and tighter, it is nights like this that will keep me sane and keep my focus on what really matters…just a simple night with my four favorite guys.


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