I knew he was a keeper..Happy Birthday, Honey!

Glamour magazine probably thought they had a scoop. This list of 9 signs to tell if your guy is a keeper was in a recent magazine.
Dating Tips: 9 Signs a Guy Is a Keeper
By dating editor Ruby Madren-Britton for Glamour

#1. Keeper clue: He has his act together.
#2. Keeper clue: He puts you first.
#3. Keeper clue: He’s not afraid of your germs.
#4. Keeper clue: He’s a family man.
#5. Keeper clue: He makes time for your friends
#6. Keeper clue: He’s your biggest cheerleader
#7. Keeper clue: He remembers the little things
#8. Keeper clue: He’s happy when you’re happy.
#9. Keeper clue: He makes you the best you can be.

Those of us who have been married for a few years knew these things or we would not have married the perfect guy for us. Honey is definitely a keeper.

I just wanted to add some more signs that I have learned after 11 years of marriage to the kindest, dearest man.

#10 keeper clue:He mows the lawn (and edges) without complaint.

#11 keeper clue: He is not afraid of a dirty diaper.

#12 keeper clue: He lets you have the first turn on the new Wii game.

#13 keeper clue: His socks miraculously appear in the laundry hamper after you refuse to wash them from the pile on the floor by his chair.

#14 keeper clue: He enjoys a good grilled cheese as much as a grilled ribeye.

#15 keeper clue: He builds a mean lego structure.

#16 keeper clue: He tolerates the reading light at night because he knows how much you NEED to read.

#17 keeper clue: He does not complain (much) about turning over his paycheck to you.

#18 keeper clue: He shares the same birthday as you and only asks for a game of golf.

Happy Birthday Honey, I knew you were a keeper from our first date and I am thrilled we get to raise sons, grow in love and do life together. There is no one I would rather be with than you.


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