Athena in a Minivan—REDUX

Butch, Hopalong and Sundance
Butch, Hopalong and Sundance

That was then. In the days before Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and whatelse, I blogged. I enjoyed it. I wrote. I thought. I used my words. I miss it. I need a place to write again and I spent some time searching blogger and wordpress and searching for blog sites and I kept coming back home here. There are great memories here of little people, fun times, funny thoughts, insight and love.

I now have big people. I no longer have a minivan. I have an SUV. We still homeschool, we still love each other. I still have lots of thoughts that need to be put down for older me to see and remember how much I love life.

A lot of life happened in the time when I didn’t blog. We’ll just call that the dark times and maybe I”ll write about that at a later date and maybe not. I”m ready for the dark times to be behind and and Althenainaminvan to be reborn. This is us now…upward and onward.

State Games of America Selfie Summer 2015
State Games of America Selfie Summer 2015

Athena In a Minivan Reborn

It seems I forgot I knew how to write. But there are just too many things I need to get our of my head and onto paper. IF someone happens to read it great, if not then it is finally out of my head. Oh, and I know this is not “paper” but you get the gist of it.

Writing for me is cathartic. It makes me put down what I am thinking and let it roll around somewhere else. It gets too crowded in my brain with too many thoughts. There are too many ideas and too much information to sort and go through and it starts to look and feel like that file cabinet you stuff all the bills and papers in thinking one day you will get back to filing them but you know you never do. They stay there till one day you can no longer shut the drawer and you just take them out and shred them all and start over.

This is my chance to shred them all. I am starting afresh. All my old posts will be here still but now it is time for some new ones. Butch and Sundance are now 11 and in middle school. Baby has not been a baby for years and I’ll call him #3 because that is where he falls in the order of things. If I can come up with a new name for him I will and I am open to suggestions.

I still drive a minivan. I still homeschool. Not much has changed. I have more grey hairs, less time and more place to drive the minivan. I hope someone is reading this but if not, my thought sill still be here.

Doing in Freestyle

I always love a challenge. The funds for extra-curricular activities are well to put it nicely…NONEXISTANT. It is a challenge to keep three kiddos busy and having fun without breaking the bank. With Hawaiian Falls at $22.99 each, Chuck E. Cheese at least $40.00 (per visit), The Zone around $15.00 each they are just too much to for us at this time.

I’ve been searching for free or nearly free activities for us to do and have had some success. Today we went to a magic show at the Frisco Library. We then went over to the Frisco Commons for a picnic and a run through the Splash Pad. The day finished off with Blue Bell Bullets from the freezer at home and Honey I Blew Up the Kid on TV. All for only the cost of gas there and back.

In two weeks, the library has another show and we are going to actually remember to take our swim suits this time.

Notice: Charlotte Mason was right

Today the twins wanted to write a story during school. I have been worried, anxious, nervous that they would actually start writing but I trusted my fellow CMers and went with the program. They are asking for spelling help, adding punctuation, making paragraphs. I am amazed and pray this is just the beginning of our writing endeavors. Stay tuned for more on writing CM style.

Just a simple night

Honey had one request for Christmas. He wanted a 12 inch Dutch Oven and Santa was happy to oblige. This September, our family began a journey through Scouts. Butch and Sundance became Webelo Scouts and Honey and I signed up to become adult leaders or Scouters as they are known. We have a wonderful Troop leader and Pack.

A month after we joined we went on our first Webelo overnight and discovered Dutch Oven cooking. Honey was instantly interested. He asked so many questions, watched all the demonstrations and of course sampled all the food.

Last weekend, Honey got to attend a Dutch Oven class and could not wait to try out his new oven but last weekend we also had 20 degree weather so it had to wait. Tonight, with the weather in the 50s, he finally got his chance. Honey cooked sweet rolls in the Dutch Oven and they were wonderful except for the burned bottoms but who needs a bottom to a sweet roll when the icing is on the top.

Since we were already outside, Honey fired up the chimnea and the grill and I cooked breakfast for dinner al fresco, bacon and scrambled eggs on the grill. Well, not actually on the grill but in my cast iron skillet on the grill. We heated some tortillas and made breakfast burritos while warming ourselves by the fire. Food cooked and eaten outside just tastes better, almost as good as food I didn’t have to fix myself.

It was just a simple night but one that I will treasure for a long time. It is so wonderful to just be together, outside, with no TV, no phone, no video games to interrupt the family time. As the budget gets tighter and tighter, it is nights like this that will keep me sane and keep my focus on what really matters…just a simple night with my four favorite guys.

I knew he was a keeper..Happy Birthday, Honey!

Glamour magazine probably thought they had a scoop. This list of 9 signs to tell if your guy is a keeper was in a recent magazine.
Dating Tips: 9 Signs a Guy Is a Keeper
By dating editor Ruby Madren-Britton for Glamour

#1. Keeper clue: He has his act together.
#2. Keeper clue: He puts you first.
#3. Keeper clue: He’s not afraid of your germs.
#4. Keeper clue: He’s a family man.
#5. Keeper clue: He makes time for your friends
#6. Keeper clue: He’s your biggest cheerleader
#7. Keeper clue: He remembers the little things
#8. Keeper clue: He’s happy when you’re happy.
#9. Keeper clue: He makes you the best you can be.

Those of us who have been married for a few years knew these things or we would not have married the perfect guy for us. Honey is definitely a keeper.

I just wanted to add some more signs that I have learned after 11 years of marriage to the kindest, dearest man.

#10 keeper clue:He mows the lawn (and edges) without complaint.

#11 keeper clue: He is not afraid of a dirty diaper.

#12 keeper clue: He lets you have the first turn on the new Wii game.

#13 keeper clue: His socks miraculously appear in the laundry hamper after you refuse to wash them from the pile on the floor by his chair.

#14 keeper clue: He enjoys a good grilled cheese as much as a grilled ribeye.

#15 keeper clue: He builds a mean lego structure.

#16 keeper clue: He tolerates the reading light at night because he knows how much you NEED to read.

#17 keeper clue: He does not complain (much) about turning over his paycheck to you.

#18 keeper clue: He shares the same birthday as you and only asks for a game of golf.

Happy Birthday Honey, I knew you were a keeper from our first date and I am thrilled we get to raise sons, grow in love and do life together. There is no one I would rather be with than you.